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The weather is beautiful! And we want to celebrate this with our newest kit “A Masterpiece Summer”. This Scrapbooking & Pocket Page kit is stuffed with unique (Masterpiece Design) producten. What it’s in this kit?

  • a 4×4” stampset
  • 10x double-sided Scrapbooking papers 12″
  • 20 double-sided pocket page kaartjes 3×4”
  • 10 double-sided pocket page kaartjes 6×4”
  • a a5 stickersheet with text strokes
  • a cardstock background
  • 3 bags die-cuts with a total of more than 100 pieces:
    • labels & tags (ca. 45 stuks)
    • text & frames (ca. 40 stuks)
    • figures (ca. 50 stuks)

And the best of all is that all these products are nicely wrapped in a beautiful pouch with the text “Make each Memory a Masterpiece”.

Price: €42,50 exclusief verzendkosten
First shipping date: Friday 22nd of May 2020
Available Add-ons: a bag of labels in 2 color combinations: set A and set B, a bag of BBQ die-cuts en 3x washi tape. You can order these products to be send with your kit.
Adding other products:  You can order some other products from our website to be send with your kit as well

Unboxing video is in Dutch but it gives you a good overview of all the products in the kit 🙂


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