Masterpiece Design – Mini Scrapbookkit – Coronavirus (printed version)

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It’s a weird and hard time for all of us. The Corona virus is affecting us all. We are all afraid of getting ill, or one of or loved ones getting ill. Most of the people are staying home for safety. And us crafty people want to be creative in this time. It distracts us from things going on, maybe only for a little while. And for crafty people that also want to document this “special” (there’s not a good word for it) time we created this “special” kit. Just to let this crazy time have a place in your Scrapbook, Planner of however you want to document it. We hope it’s been appreciated <3

The kit includes: 4x double sided A5 Designpapers, 8x double sided 3×4″ pocket page cards and 2 bags of die-cuts.
This kit is a printed version that we will send to you physically. But we are working at a digital version, because we noticed there are some people from outside the Netherlands interesting in this kit. Ofcourse you can also order this kit and we can send it to you, but it will take some time. So that’s why we hope to have the digital version online very soon!


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